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How to actually feel good about selling online!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

If you're reading this, I assume you're familiar with the 🍆 pic of the social-media marketing world. What do I mean? Let me show you. *Clears throat*

"Hey girly-pop! Just looked at your profile and I love what you post. It's crystal clear to me that you're a perfect fit for my new program - it's called [insert vague 'boss-babe' cliche title here] and I help women like you (how specific) overcome [issue that they assume you're struggling with]. I only have 3 spots left!!! (sure you do) You can purchase your spot using the link in my bio! Hope to see you there!!!"

Ugh. Nauseating.

That's the ultimate question though, isn't it? How can you feel good about selling your services online? If you're anything like me, pushing products to people who haven't shown interest can feel super icky. You're putting your trust in the words of experts because they have $$$ aplenty stacking up in the bank. That may be true (it also could be a massive lie, you never know), but they're not you.

The world of online sales feels like a minefield - I totally get it, it can be confusing and every guru on every social media platform has a different freebie giving you different tips, tricks, 'daily checklists'. More often than not, each other and you end up working with 3 half-strategies that work in completely different ways and they're stitched together like some sort of franken-strategy - Let me save you some pain, a lot of these experts aren't giving you the why, or the knock-on effects of the actions you're taking.

Yeah, DM-ing 25 total strangers seems simple enough - and sure! There's a teeny tiny chance that you might convince one of them to hop on a call with you. But is it really worth it?

Chances are they're going to run in the other direction - They might not actually run, but I guarantee you the majority of them won't message you back, you might even get reported for spam or have them hit the good old block button! And should they come across you in the future when your business has uplevelled and you have a better offer, a better strategy and better branding, they're still going to remember you as that sales-starved person who jumped the gun and tried to push a product or service they didn't even know they wanted or needed down their throats the first time you spoke.

It's just not working.

I implore you to cast aside the 'experts' for a moment that told you things I'd wager went along the lines of:

  • Posting 5 times a day will get the most eyeballs on your services!

Eyeballs are all well and good... When they aren't rolling.

  • Show up every day!

Yeah, but what do you actually mean by that?

  • Just be yourself! But also pitch in the DM's

What if 'myself' isn't comfortable pitching in the DM's? Am I then supposed to become your version of 'myself'?

Here's what you need to know.

The key here is that people need to already know that they want or need your services or products, and you get them there through content! By providing value, educating your audience and instilling trust that you're capable of helping them.

I'm sure if you're on the internet looking up online-sales tips you're aware of what cold, warm and hot leads are. I'm not going to teach you to suck eggs, but we all know that cold leads very rarely take the plunge to commit to a sale - in fact, in a study by SEO experts Search Engine Journal researching on warm leads versus cold, it was found that search-driven leads have a 14.6% close rate compared to just 1.7% for cold leads. Put simply, this is because warm leads already know they have a problem and they're actively looking for a solution.

And the answer?

Quite simple! Stop pitching to cold leads - you need to take any and all leads on a journey that benefits them more than it benefits you. Overdeliver, provide value by giving away actionable tips (that actually work) and build a connection with your people. Engage back with them when they engage with you and you'll build a strong, trusting and warm community who actually want your help solving their problems.

No it's not an overnight fix, but anything advertised as such is probably a bit sketchy and worth giving a wide berth.

If you're not sure where to start and need support on your Ethical Sales Journey - Pop me a message on any of my socials linked here, or check out my available 1:1 Ethical Strategy Plans!

Ems xo


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