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Episode 1 - Let's Get Down to Business, to Defeat the ‘Huns’!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

In today’s episode, Ems goes on a rampage about MLM's and the ethics behind them - or lack thereof. It's almost impossible to log onto a social media platform these days without coming across people selling 'the dream' of quick sales, easy money, and loads of freedom.

MLM's are sometimes known as Network Marketing, Pyramid Schemes, and 'I'm a CEO, I swear!' - The key difference between an ordinary business model, and an MLM is that an ordinary business aims to sell you on their product or service - MLM's, however, thrive on selling the idea of the entrepreneur lifestyle and make most of their money through recruiting new 'business owners'.

What Network Marketers often don't market are the products you have to buy in advance, the sleazy sales tactics, icky feels, the actual lack of pay (unless you’re one of the 0.4% of people who got in early enough to make it big) and the many, many risks involved!

Plug into this episode and hear Ems debate whether an MLM can be marketed ethically, or whether they're simply modern-day pyramid schemes preying on vulnerable women and profiting off of financial mishaps.

In this podcast Ems will uncover, expose and debate some of the more unethical (or just plain gross) marketing and sales systems, tactics and trends floating around on the online space - With the occasional guest speaker and weekly episodes released first thing every Friday morning, you can count on her to turn your marketing opinions upside down, and give them a good shake.

Ems Rae Searle is an Ethical Marketing Strategist with a knack for bringing a pinch of fun, a teaspoon of the cold hard truth, and a truckload of oftentimes inappropriate opinions to the world of online entrepreneurs. She's made it her life-long mission to rid the online business space of the plague known to many as 'bro-marketing'.

If you have anything to add or any opinions/challenges of your own, feel free to leave Ems a lovely message and your response may get featured in an upcoming episode!


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