I’m Ems Rae Searle,

I’m an Ethical Marketing Strategist for service-based businesses, and I’m on a mission to rid the online world of gross and icky marketing tactics.
How can I help?
“Okay Ems, I'll bite - What’s wrong with my traditional tried-and-true marketing tactics?”
In a word? EVERYTHING.

We live in a world of manipulation and overconsumption, and the whole industry needs a shake-up. I’m here to give it to you.

There’s a mine of misinformation targeting online entrepreneurs promising overnight success without putting in the hard graft. So-called ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ pedalling pushy practices like spammy email campaigns (ugh), relying soley on paid advertising (yawn) and cold direct messaging (please, make it stop).

It’s bloody overwhelming. Before you know it, you’re cobbling together pieces of every-expert-under-the-sun’s top tips.

The result?
A Franken-Strategy.

You’ve broken your back to follow every rule. You’ve blown your budget. And you’re seeing none of the promised results. That’s a one-way ticket to frustration, disengagement, and burnout.

Not to mention your poor clients. They need you. So do those people who haven’t heard of you yet (don’t fret, they will once I’m through with you).

With a healthy dose of pitchforks, fire, common sense, and a little sprinkle of ‘Ems’, we'll regroup, rebuild, and create something spectacular.

No more of that one size fits all nonsense. From here on out, we’re talking marketing that’s bespoke, unique – and most importantly – sells your services in a way that feels good. 

It’s not only what you want - It’s what you need and what your clients deserve.

Ready to change the way you do marketing? 
Let's do this.

So, what are my options?


A 90-minute call full of uninterrupted ethical marketing wizardry to tackle a specific issue you’re facing and devise a sustainable solution.


For entrepreneurs who need a nudge in the right direction to address a specific problem.


A 3-month ethical marketing overhaul, where we nuke what came before and start afresh with a new, bespoke strategy.

For entrepreneurs who need to start from scratch and build their strategy from the foundations up.


The perfect follow-on from Nimble, Nurture is a 6-month programme with oodles of support and accountability. 


For entrepreneurs who need ongoing support to stay focused on their strategy.


Ongoing ethical marketing strategy management for entrepreneurs who know they want an ethical marketing strategy, but lack the time, skills, or inclination to execute it alone.


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