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 I'm Emily, but you can call me Ems.

I'm an Ethical Marketing Strategist with a full-throttle, no-bullshit approach and I offer structured mentorship, support and guidance to Online Entrepreneurs from all over the globe. We work together to create a marketing strategy that builds the confidence, authenticity and instant appeal that every business craves - helping you create consistent online sales, without the sleaze.

My methodologies are totally unique to me & come as a direct result of years of hands-on experience and continuous improvement - so I know they work.

I've been called many things during my time on Earth, including (but not limited to): a 'connector of people', 'business cheerleader', and my personal favourite -


So, how on earth have I earnt this most auspicious title?

Simple! I create a safe-space so you can turn your vulnerabilities into superpowers, helping you get your shit together in a healthy way - We build strong, natural & sustainable relationships with your community, and convert them into your dream clients.

And all without icky, pushy and quite frankly outdated sales tactics - a firm foundation from which to build and monetise a 100% cringe-free online presence.

The way we market is changing. Have you caught up yet?
If you’re not sure what I’m going on about, it’s about time you got in touch.

Don't just take it from me...

"Holy bananas - Working with Emily, you literally are tapping into the Social Media Whisperer!

As soon as I started applying the techniques and the little tools she has been teaching me - I started seeing immediate results in my impressions, the people following me, and in the quality of the engagement!"

- Eyenie Schultz, Technicolor Priestess

Technicolor Priestess, Eyenie Schultz.

Radically Joyful, Joy Schulz.

Where's my soapbox?


Let's get social!

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